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Una Voz Hispana de Ohio en el DNC

Isabel Framer habla con Lorena Mora-Mowry sobre sus nombramientos en el DNC: Miembro en toda su Extensión del Comité Nacional Demócrata (Member at-large of the Democratic National Committee), Tesorera de la Comisión Ejecutiva Demócrata Hispana (Democratic Hispanic Caucus Treasurer) y miembro del Comité de Credenciales DNC (Credentials Committee DNC).


Discussion on Immigration Reform with Acting U.S. Labor Secretary

Update on Roundtable Discussion on Immigration Reform with Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor Seth D. Harris

Community Leaders;

This morning I attended a roundtable discussion at the Ohio State University regarding proposed comprehensive immigration reform. Participants included local Ohio entrepreneurs, current international graduate students, Ohio State faculty and administration and the Acting U.S. Secretary of Labor, Seth D. Harris.

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